July 24, 2024
The Brandywine Zoo’s pudus are acquiring a household makeover

The following stage of the Brandywine Zoo’s “Zoo Re-Imagined” marketing campaign is focusing on animals from South America – creating a new entrance to the more than 100 calendar year previous zoo with them as the stars.

“More straight away while, we’re hunting to develop our pudu dwelling, which is by now in the zoo,” explained Mark Shafer, Govt Director of the Delaware Zoological Society.

The southern pudu is the 2nd smallest species of deer in the globe, hailing from the rainforests of Chile and Argentina.

Clover and Ande, the Brandywine Zoo’s resident pudus, are 2 of about 200 in zoos throughout the globe. And the inseparable pair may welcome a third quicker than later.


Quinn Kirkpatrick


Delaware Community Media

That’s the hope of the Brandywine Zoo and the American Zoological Affiliation, which is responding to a speedy decrease in the pudu inhabitants.

To handle the anticipated advancement, the zoo is setting up a $340,000 pudu habitat enlargement – relying on the public and enterprise local community to elevate those people funds.

Shafer claims the pudus will finally transfer to the new entryway, but that phase of the job is nevertheless 3 to 4 years absent from completion.

The pudu habitat will take the place of the current enclosure, together with its neighboring place, at the moment hosting the zoos burrowing owls.


Quinn Kirkpatrick


Delaware Public Media

The owls will be moved to a different enclosure in the zoo.

The new pudu habitat will household Clover and Ande and their offspring, together with Pablo and Julio the toco toucans, and their tortoise companions.

The room will involve indoor winter housing with viewing windows so the animals can be found in the course of chilly weather conditions, a stream and modest pool, new plantings, and increased vertical room.

Whilst not an official element of Phase 3 of the “Zoo Re-Imagined” venture, this habitat growth retains up with the all round vision of the prepare.

Period 1 noticed the introduction of new animals, current enclosures, and new instructional programming. Stage 2 introduced the expansive Madagascar habitat to the zoo, as well as an on-web site animal care facility.

Shafer states any individual traveling to the zoo can see the benefit in their mission.

“Coming listed here and actually understanding it truly is not just viewing a attractive small pink panda. It is about comprehension what goes on in their life, how they’re cared for, and what’s occurring in the wild,” said Shafer. “The total idea of instruction and discussion is genuinely significant, and we’re actually attempting to endorse that. So it is not just about the sweet little animals, we have them, but it is truly the broader conversation on conservation that I imagine is so essential.”

For additional information on the zoo’s conservation attempts, visit BrandywineZoo.org.