July 12, 2024
The 6 Best Pet Horse Products on Chewy Today

Key Points

  • The best overall pet horse product is Hygain Zero Horse Feed.
  • Consider the needs of your horse when shopping online and compare prices to get the best deal.
  • Chewy has great customer service, which helps you get any issues corrected right away.

Horses are wonderful pets to keep. They’re wise, therapeutic, and gentle. If you’ve developed a bond with a horse, you know there’s nothing else like it. They are a huge responsibility, though (both literally and figuratively). Not only do you have to have adequate space for a horse, but you also have to have enough time and knowledge to keep them healthy and content. Any horse owner will tell you it’s absolutely worth the time spent learning and the time invested in caring for their horses.

You learn about their personality quirks and as you explore different products, you discover what your horses prefer in terms of feed and treats, and what products make their lives just a bit more comfortable. In the list below, we highlight six of the best horse products available on Chewy today from horse feed to soothing sprays to yummy (and healthy!) treats.

Top Picks: The Best Pet Horse Products Today

Best Overall: Hygain Zero Horse Feed


Hygain Zero Horse Feed, 44-lb bag

The best overall pet horse product is Hygain Zero Horse Feed. This horse feed comes in a 44-pound bag and is free of cereal grains or cereal grain by-products. It’s a complete feed high in soluble fiber that’s fortified with vitamins, minerals, and biotin. It’s low sugar and low starch which is perfect for horses, especially when they are prone to laminitis, EMS, or Cushing’s. It delivers the nutrition your horse requires and is enriched to support your horse’s overall health.

Customers rate this horse feed 4.6 out of five stars. 100% of the people who rated it would recommend it to a friend. One customer shared she was surprised because her mare was diagnosed with insulin resistance and there was not a feed available to her in her local area. She was able to purchase from Chewy and now she’s watching happily as her mare gradually gets better.

Low starch and low sugar Only available in a 44-pound bag
Complete feed  
High in soluble fiber  

Best Fly Mask: Farnam SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask Classic Collection

Best Fly Mask

Farnam SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask Classic Collection

This fly mask is a newer variety from the same supplier that adds more protection. It’s extended to cover more of your horse’s face. It has a double latch closure and it’s meant to keep flies off your horse (along with other pests). The double latch closure goes underneath your horse’s jaw, not on the cheekbone. This makes it harder for them to reach it. The mesh is completely see-through and it’s designed to be comfortable while wearing without causing any harsh abrasion.

Customers rate this fly mask 4.5 out of five stars. 95% of them would recommend it to a friend. One customer shared that he loves this simple concept. It works beautifully, especially in places where flies are problematic and get into the horse’s ears and nose. Ultimately, it works fantastically to keep the flies off the horse’s eyes. It stays in place as long as the horse wants it in place and if they don’t, they can get it off without hurting themselves. That was really important for him. It’s to the point now where his horses will walk up to him in the morning and lower their heads so that he can put these fly masks on for them.

Double latch closure Not a great fit for minis
See-through mesh  
Comfortable, secure design  

Best Soothing: EQyss Grooming Products Micro-Tek Horse Spray

Best Soothing

EQyss Grooming Products Micro-Tek Soothing Horse Spray, 32-oz bottle

This soothing equine spray is of maximum strength and formulated specifically for horses with skin problems. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle or a 1-gallon bottle. If you notice your horse is scratching and itchy, this is a wonderful spray that helps to soothe irritated skin. It’s pH balanced and non-steroidal. You can use it safely on genital areas and it won’t burn any already open skin. You can also use this safely in the saddle area because it’s non-slip.

Customers rate this spray 4.8 out of five stars. 100% of them would recommend it to a friend. One customer says the stuff just works. She notices it clears up skin problems, smells great, and makes her horse’s hair really soft. Another customer shares that she tried it for the first time with her horse, her horse responded well, and even turned around to show her exactly where he needed the soothing spray.

pH balanced formula The gallon bottle doesn’t come with a spray nozzle
Doesn’t burn irritated skin  

Best Vitamins and Minerals Supplement: Horse Health Products Red Cell Iron Rich

Best Vitamins and Minerals Supplement

Horse Health Products Red Cell Iron Rich Vitamins & Minerals Liquid Horse Supplement, 1-gal bottle

This vitamin, iron, and mineral supplement is perfect for all classes of horses. It has a yucca flavor and comes in a 1-gallon bottle. This product is formulated to support your horse’s overall health and supplement with the vitamins and minerals that they may not be getting with their regular diet. Iron and zinc support your horse’s immune system while B complex vitamins support their metabolism. Overall, the supplement works to encourage normal blood cell health and support cardiovascular health as well.

Customers rate this supplement 4.9 out of five stars. 100% of them would recommend this to a friend. One customer uses it for foals that have been malnourished. She had already checked out her local tractor supply and found that the best deal was on Chewy. Another customer shared that she has been using this product for years. When one of her horses is a little under the weather, she immediately brings it out. Red Cell is a total lifesaver at her ranch!

Supports immune system health Only available in a one gallon bottle
Includes B complex vitamins  
Supports normal blood cell health  

Best Hoof Supplement: Horse Health Products Vita Biotin Molasses Flavor

Best Hoof Supplement

Horse Health Products Vita Biotin Molasses Flavor Crumbles Horse Supplement, 3-lb tub

This hoof supplement is also from the makers of Red Cell and contains biotin to allow for healthy hoof growth. It also supports strong hoof walls. Along with promoting the best hoof health, the supplement also helps to keep your horse’s coat and skin feeling and looking healthy. It’s ideal for any class of horse and also safe for consumption by pregnant mares. To keep your horse coming back, these alfalfa crumbles have a molasses flavor.

Customers rate this product 4.6 out of five stars. 100% of them would recommend it to a friend. One customer shared that both her pony and her trail mare had chipped feet until she started using this supplement. She noticed that the new growth came in a lot stronger and now both of them walk around on much healthier and more beautiful hooves. Another customer says she saw great results in only a month. She’s so relieved to see her horse’s hoof progress.

Supports skin and coat health Although safe for all horses, it’s not recommended for other animals like goats
Includes biotin  

Best Treats: Equus Magnificus The German Horse Muffin Molasses Horse Treats

Best Treats

Equus Magnificus The German Horse Muffin Molasses Horse Treats

These natural treats give your horse something delicious yet healthy and fun to enjoy. They’re made with natural great ingredients and fortified with vitamins so that you both feel better when you hand them over. The consistency is both soft and chewy and you can use them to sneak in any medicines your horse needs. They’re available in a 1-pound bag, a 6-pound bag, or a 14-pound bucket.

Customers rate these treats 4.7 out of five stars. 97% of them would recommend them to a friend. One customer shares at all of his horses enjoy these streets. He has a picky eater and he also has a senior with bad teeth and both of them enjoy these. Another customer shares that these little muffins are at the top of her list. She has an elderly horse that needs arthritis medicine and can tell when she crushes a pill to put it in his grain. This is a much better solution for keeping him on schedule with his meds.

Fun, healthy, and sweet Although most horses love these, some horses may not enjoy the flavor or texture
Great for sneaking meds  
Soft and chewy texture  

Criteria: What to Look for in Pet Horse Products

The first thing to consider when looking for pet horse products is their use. In some cases, you may need an item like a fly mask to keep those pesky flies away from your horse’s eyes. In other cases, you may be looking for healthy treats that double as a method to administer medication. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can keep your search focused.

Ease of Use

The beauty of shopping online is you have greater variety when it comes to pet horse products. You can explore variations of products and choose the ones that work best or have improvements in their design. For example, the fly mask we highlighted in the list above has a double latch that goes underneath the horse’s jaw. Some designs latch over the cheekbone. It’s little features like these that make a big difference.

Customer Feedback

Other horse lovers can tell you the truth about their experience with a specific product. This can help you narrow your search to select something that will help your horse or that your horse will enjoy. Some have picky eaters while others know what it’s like to work with senior horses. These details help you relate better and get some feedback that makes sense for your situation.

Good Customer Service

Online shopping is usually seamless but when there are hiccups, it’s best to have a great customer service team to rely on. If there’s no one to call or the customer service is bad, you could get stuck with a dud of a product. However, when a company like Chewy is on your side, you know that if anything goes wrong, it’s a relatively easy fix.

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