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MANILA — Renowned Filipino canine whisperer Lestre Zapanta’s passion in being familiar with animal behavior started when he was even now a boy.

Increasing up in the province, he seemed up to his grandfather who appears to generally know how to thoroughly prepare his pet dogs.

At the age of 7, Zapanta remembered wanting a doggy badly but only bought one particular from his grandfather when he was 13. 

“Sabi ng lolo ko, ‘if hindi mo kayang paamuhin, huwag ka nang mag-alaga ng aso buong buhay mo,” Zapanta mentioned n an episode of ‘SKL Share Ko Lang’ on Radyo 630 with Migs Bustos very last September 19. 

(My grandfather stated, ‘if you can not tame it, don’t own a puppy)

For Zapanta, establishing a connection with the animal is key to productive instruction. What the operator demonstrates, their canine will mirror. So if the operator reveals concern, their puppies will also demonstrate dread, negating their energies and failing to develop a bond.

He stated that physique language, along with thorough observation, can aid in taming and schooling animals. To thoroughly train and command animals to behave correctly, Zapanta reported that knowing their feelings is essential. 

The pet dog whisperer shared a few tips in instruction pet dogs, noting that widespread misconceptions about their actions direct to incidents this sort of as biting, attacking, and stress.

He stated that biting is not just since of aggression. They can also be thanks to worry, anxiety, invasion of own room, canine-to-doggy aggression, and other things that some homeowners fail to acquire into consideration.

Homeowners ought to also recognize that a dog’s “excitement” is not necessarily a excellent thing, as psyched pleasure is distinctive from calm joy. Energized happiness can direct to habits challenges, these as biting, attacking other persons and animals. 

Tail wagging, meanwhile, can from time to time suggest that canine are riled up and confused.

“Minsan it can signify na enthusiastic sila, gusto nilang manghabol ng pusa,” Zapanta stated.

(In some cases it can mean that they are so fired up, they want to chase a cat [or other animals.])
House owners must instead concentration on quiet happiness, which appear from constructive ordeals, agility coaching, and puppy game titles this kind of as fetch.


Zapanta mentioned that some homeowners treat their animals as their very own youngsters. With this, Zapanta emphasized that they should really be nurtured and cherished like small children as perfectly, as simply feeding and bathing will not minimize it if owners want to effectively educate their animals.

Family dynamics and environment also have an affect on pets’ upbringing and in general actions.

Zapanta stressed that he does not take pet training with no the presence of their entrepreneurs as he basically displays what to do and that house owners have to do the function to develop a stronger bond with their animals.

“For the puppy homeowners who want to master, lagi kong sinasabi ‘I’m not the greatest pet dog coach for their canine, they are the finest pet dog trainer for their dogs’,” Zapanta claimed.