July 13, 2024
Reader seem off on horse care, destroying instruments and Russian leaders

Goshen, N.Y.: Re “NYC carriage horses are properly treated” (op-ed, July 31): I am the coach with 40-plus many years of expertise who has been functioning to get information regarding the carriage horses’ problems in Central Park this 12 months. Pinpointing hurting and wounded horses and horses in have to have is-2nd mother nature for me. Examining the statements of Dr. Gabriel Cook dinner, a veterinarian who I regard, really confirms what I and other people have asserted: The method of oversight, care, governing and maintenance of the animals does not work.

If what he claims does guard the overall health and welfare of these horses, why have I found dozens that are sore, underweight and/or if not in have to have? And when I technique the operators, I am attacked. So much, Cook has verified that horses I have determined and who have been on the streets for months lame have been in reality lame. A horse named Fortunate stands out the most, who Cook stopped from working based mostly on my locating in March and has in no way been found yet again — one particular of a lot of instances where by I find them and abruptly the horse is absent.

In conclusion, becoming there firsthand and looking at the horses at work is obviously not on Cook’s list of responsibilities as their biased, contracted veterinarian. These horses will need oversight 24/7 and that will hardly ever materialize. And this is not to point out the nonstop violations by their drivers just about every day on the streets of Manhattan, which is a full various tale. Michael Petrelli

Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: The veterinary occupation is tasked with the medical very well-becoming of animals, but the attitudes and philosophies of veterinarians differ broadly on defining our partnership to animals. Although Dr. Gabriel Cook dinner is an knowledgeable veterinarian, he does not necessarily converse for what animals want. The veterinary small business generally has a hand in the endemic exploitation of animals. Veterinarians get the job done to oversee and retain numerous industries, these kinds of as animal experimentation, horse slaughter, the carriage-horse trade, horse-racing, zoos and the meat market. Lots of have condoned and taken component in debarking pet dogs, ear and tail cropping and declawing cats, all of which are agonizing and unwanted techniques completed for human convenience or self-importance. Of course, there are ethical veterinarians who would hardly ever get section in these industries, but numerous still believe that animals are here only to provide individuals. Barbara Stagno

Manhattan: Relating to Dr. Gabriel Cook’s op-ed about NYC carriage horses finding veterinary treatment: Whilst that’s a fantastic detail, folks have many motives for opposition to this company. They involve the really terrible residing and doing work ailments for these horses. People who genuinely care about horses have proposed different electrical carriages so that horse-carriage motorists will have employment. In metropolitan areas like Guadalajara, Mexico, which released them in 2017, the motorists make a far better earnings and the horses have been positioned in loving residences. Why is such a tiny business enterprise handled with kid gloves? Oh, suitable! They are supported by the TWU, which owns most of the Metropolis Council and the mayor. The menace of primaries has a large amount of impact on weak-willed persons. For everyone’s sake, let us enhance targeted visitors situations in New York Metropolis. It is way too risky for pedestrians, cyclists, horses and motorists in Midtown and all around Central Park. Eva-Lynn Podietz

Brooklyn: I am the wife of a carriage driver who’s also the operator of three horses, Charlie, Belle and Whitney. My spouse loves and adores his animals and can take so a great deal delight in caring for them. This is his occupation and he enjoys it wholeheartedly. It provides him so considerably achievement and pleasure showing off Central Park to the many vacationers who take a look at NYC. He has produced numerous good friends in excess of the a lot more than 15 several years he’s been executing this. It’s unfortunate that animal rights extremists are trying to damage a business that has been all around for decades. These carriage motorists and owners are superior, functioning persons who take delight in undertaking a little something they appreciate. Shaina Wilson

Manhattan: Re “ Everyday cat’ Adams commences his radio days” (July 24): You seriously blew me absent when you explained, properly, the questions set to our skinny-skinned mayor on his debut radio present on WBLS as “softball.” Generally, Mayor Adams tooted his very own horn, describing himself as “an normal cat” and “one of you.” He also touted how his administration is all about endorsing “diversity” (he did not point out colorblind qualifications) and how he usually rides the subway. But even as a transit police officer, he invested most of his career performing administrative operate driving a desk. Now that he’s mayor, when was the previous time he took the subway without the need of his armed safety? I never ever assumed I’d say this, but among Bill de Blasio and the current guy occupying Gracie Mansion, David Dinkins is looking much better each day. Matthew Coluccio

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Manhattan: Re “Adams unveils practically $500M strategy to head off gun violence” (Aug. 1): The have to have is obvious and urgent. The strategy as described in your welcome coverage is muddy and missing momentum. It was spearheaded by Sheena Wright, David Banks’ lifetime associate, who is head of the Instruction Division underneath his aged buddy Adams. Probably Wright and Financial institutions will set the “absenteeism metrics” around their dinner desk! Significantly, we want contemporary thoughts place forward by seasoned gurus. The substantial cronyism below Adams precludes that. Frankie Turchiano

Brooklyn: It is tough to have an understanding of how the clinic staff union is not loudly opposed to congestion pricing. So a lot of of their users might eliminate their work opportunities if this goes as a result of. Uncle Joe is not heading to push into Manhattan with Aunt Angela for her chemotherapy if it charges $23 further. They will go elsewhere. And why hassle placing for a improved offer if you belong to a theatrical union? The foundation viewers will be seeing somewhere else. They’re placing the infrastructure in to gather this dollars. Better to make these cameras search for stolen autos headed for shipping containers in New Jersey. Perhaps the union bosses have a exclusive offer, but the union staff will be out of a career as clients and prospects don’t appear into Manhattan any more. I. Bodkin

Jamaica Hills: Donald Trump claims some of the most ridiculous lies to get no cost publicity. I understand the require for the Daily Information to print these and other stories, but do you have to publish so several of his shots? Especially the added-large photographs. Is this why the print is so much more compact and the margins are wider? Robert Gibbs

Suffern, N.Y.: The phrase “just a fishing expedition” is overused. Now, when fishermen go to the lake, is it “just a fishing trip”? Rick Sinclair

Brooklyn: Oh my goodness, Voicer Tom Scott: Regarding what UFO stands for, why deliver up marijuana? Or liquor, for that make any difference? John Corbett

Melbourne, Australia: It utilised to be e book burning, but now in the province of Herat, Afghanistan, the Taliban has commenced burning musical instruments. A “voice of an angel” has been changed by the “instruments of the devil.” As was clear with worries about the gyrations of Elvis, the major result in of “moral corruption” was likely youthful hormones, not an instrument of the devil. Tunes is a gift from God, and however the Taliban can not see that in their blinded world. There could be some instruments we could get by without having — the bagpipes, any badly performed violin and definitely the ukulele, and yet, several really like them. Potentially the selection of instruments and voices could provide as an illustration of the diversity of folks in the entire world, if only they would pay attention. Really don’t hear to the sounds of silence. Dennis Fitzgerald

Penticton, British Columbia: Russian Wagner Team militia leader Yevgeny Prigozhin tapped into a negative bottle of vodka, therefore initiating his historic Vodka March on Moscow! The buzz wore off when he envisioned each Napoleon’s and Hitler’s retreats and warnings. Prigozhin abruptly reversed his march, retired and joined Alcoholics Nameless!? In the meantime, a petrified Putin swiftly fleeing Moscow sought refuge in a remote marmot colony, scuttling into the largest hole he could uncover, wherever he just just can’t rid his intellect of his self-manufactured Ukraine-Stalingrad nightmare. Joe Schwarz