June 21, 2024
Pets Best pet insurance offers a variety of plans for different budgets and pet parents with different levels of risk tolerance. 

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Having a furry friend in your house can be emotionally rewarding, yet it can also be financially draining. Accidents and illnesses can quickly turn into expensive vet bills, and it could put you in a precarious position. Since you probably don’t want to have to choose between your pet’s health and your financial health, consider getting pet insurance.

With pet insurance, you can insulate yourself from the risk of high vet bills and potentially gain some peace of mind that you can afford proper care for your dog or cat. One pet insurance company to consider is Pets Best insurance, which was founded by a veterinarian. 

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Overview of Pets Best pet insurance

Pets Best pet insurance provides accident and illness coverage, as well as accident-only plans, for dogs and cats, starting with puppies and kittens who are at least seven weeks old. The insurance company also offers wellness/routine care add-ons, such as to cover vaccination costs. And unlike some other pet insurance providers, Pets Best has no upper age limits, so even senior dogs and cats can get covered.

This pet insurance company offers a range of options at different price points to suit your budget, such as with some starter plans mainly covering things like emergency care and surgeries, while more comprehensive plans include rehab, acupuncture, and chiropractic coverage.

However, Pets Best does not offer some of the more comprehensive, ancillary services that some other providers include, like coverage for lost pet advertising/reward money.

Pets Best pet insurance cost vs. competitors

Pets Best offers a variety of plans for different budgets and pet parents with different levels of risk tolerance. For example, an accident-only insurance plan for dogs can be as low as $9 ($6 for cats), while more comprehensive plans can be several times more than that.

Depending on factors such as your location, your pet’s age, and your coverage options, costs can vary significantly. Also keep in mind that direct pet insurance comparisons can be tricky, as pet insurance information can vary among providers.

For example, insurers can have varying weight ranges in terms of classifying mixed-breed dogs, which can affect insurance rates. Moreover, pet insurance comparisons can vary widely in terms of coverage.

While the sample quotes below attempt to make somewhat similar comparisons, there are still notable differences. Pets Best falls somewhat in the middle in terms of pricing, but that also includes unlimited annual coverage.

Meanwhile, pet insurance companies like Figo can be significantly more expensive, but Figo offers additional services, like its Pet Cloud, which helps you keep track of your pet’s needs in one place.

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Cost comparison

Here’s a side-by-side pricing comparison using a Pets Best mid-tier plan to compare against the competition.

Pets Best 




Monthly Cost for Dogs





Monthly Cost for Cats





Annual Limit





Reimbursement Level





Annual Deductible


$300 for Dogs/$250 for Cats



Discounts for Insuring Multiple Pets




5% (10% bundle discount with other types of insurance)

Based on a 1-year-old mixed breed male dog (medium weight) and a 1-year-old mixed breed female cat in New York City, with vet exam fee coverage for qualifying events. Rates are for illustrative purposes only and may vary based on your circumstances.

Pets Best pet insurance pros

Some of the top Pets Best pet insurance pros include:

  • No upper age limits: If you’re trying to insure a senior pet, Pets Best could be a good option.
  • A range of plans to fit your budget: Some providers offer one-size-fits-all or more limited coverage options, but Pets Best has several tiers to choose from to align with your budget and risk tolerance. For example, some of the tiers include exam fees for visiting a vet for an accident or illness, while less expensive plans do not include this.
  • Routine care add-ons: Not all providers offer optional add-ons to cover costs for routine care like teeth cleaning and flea/tick prevention, but that’s one of the Pets Best pet insurance advantages. 
  • Option for unlimited annual policy limit: Pet insurance companies often cap the amount they’ll pay out annually, but you can choose between either $5,000 or unlimited annual amounts with Pets Best. 
  • 24/7 vet emergency helpline: If you need to ask a health or behavioral question, you don’t have to rely on calling your primary veterinarian. Pets Best plans include 24/7 emergency vet support via phone, live chat, and email.
  • Vet Direct Pay: Pets Best offers an option to pay claims to your vet directly, rather than reimbursing you. So, that could potentially help in situations where you’re facing a large vet bill and would struggle to pay that out of your own pocket while waiting to get reimbursed. 

If these benefits sound advantageous to you then start the process with Pets Best by getting a free quote today.

Pets Best pet insurance cons

While there are many advantages to Pets Best, some pet insurance cons of this company include:

  • Small range of coverage limits: Pets Best only offers annual coverage limits of either $5,000 or unlimited. While the unlimited option can be an advantage to some pet insurance shoppers, some might prefer the option of paying less for lower limits.
  • High reimbursement percentages: Another Pets Best feature that can be both a pro and a con, depending on how you look at it, is the reimbursement levels that it offers. Pets Best insurance can cover 70%, 80%, or 90% of costs, depending on the plan you pick. But here too, perhaps you’d rather pay lower monthly premiums in exchange for the insurer covering a smaller amount, such as 50%.
  • Limited ancillary coverage: While Pets Best offers different tiers, with the highest end offering comprehensive coverage that includes things like acupuncture if needed, you generally won’t find a ton of extras like you might with some other pet insurers. For example, some pet insurers offer lost pet advertising/reward money, but Pets Best doesn’t. For some, this is a fringe benefit that they don’t necessarily need from their pet insurer, but others might want as many benefits as possible.

The bottom line

Overall, Pets Best pet insurance could be a good option for many pet parents, such as those looking for unlimited coverage amounts or those who have senior pets that they’re looking to insure for the first time.

It can also be a good option for anyone who’s looking for a well-rounded pet insurance policy that covers a lot but doesn’t necessarily make you pay for a whole suite of services that you might not use. Given the range of plans, you might be able to find one that balances your cost concerns with the peace of mind you’re looking for from pet insurance.

See for yourself how Pets Best compares to other providers based on the specifics of your pet. Shopping around can help you find the pet insurance policy that makes the most sense for your circumstances.