June 20, 2024
Forest and Alison Foster wave at Judy the elephant, shown in this 1989 photo, before going off to enjoy the party Forest won by coming the closet to guessing Judy's weight in a recent contest. Judy the elephant was a popular resident at the Oklahoma City Zoo from 1949, when schoolchildren statewide raised $3,250 to bring her to the zoo, until her death in 1997.

The Pachyderm Building at the Oklahoma City Zoo, the one-time residence of Judy the elephant and Matilda the hippopotamus, is established to reopen this summer months soon after a $10 million renovation as an occasion middle and exhibition space.

Dwight Larson, zoo director, claimed the $10 million renovation preserves a lot of the building’s style and design as part of the developing being stated in 2021 on the National Register of Historic Areas. But people receiving an early glimpse of the developing are noticing a few of massive differences from when they toured the exhibits as kids. 

“It’s climate managed, and the smell is gone,” Larson claimed. “As we toured individuals by, which is the comment generally built. It is air-conditioned, and you simply cannot smell just about anything anymore.” 

The safety moat that separated the elephants from zoo visitors will be covered with glass leading into the event space. The Pachyderm Building is being transformed into part of the new Expedition Africa exhibit that will open later this summer at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

The record of the making at the Oklahoma City Zoo

The creating and the adjoining 1923 Clara Girvin bridge symbolize two major eras for the zoo, which initially stood together the Oklahoma River. That locale, opened in 1902, was relocated to greater ground at what was then recognized as Lincoln Park immediately after a sequence of devastating floods.