May 22, 2024

Fourth Annual Report, “Pets for Better Wellbeing,” unveils industry-leading research on the critical role of pets

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Mars Petcare launched the “Pets for Better Wellbeing” Report, which leverages new consumer insights to highlight current pet ownership trends. In a time when the pandemic, politics, economic uncertainty and everyday stressors made it more difficult than ever to maintain our wellbeing, pets played an increasingly important role in easing our minds and filling our hearts. The company’s fourth Annual Report analyzes the impact of pet ownership on mental and physical wellbeing – comparing responses of pet owners to non-pet owners – and examines potential hurdles to adding four-legged family members.

“The insights from the ‘Pets for Better Wellbeing’ Report underscore the importance of keeping people and pets together,” said Lisa Campbell, Director of External Affairs, Mars Pet Nutrition North America. “This data drives our innovation in pet care and nutrition, and our aspiration to make more communities around the world pet-friendly – so more people and pets can enjoy the positive benefits of a shared life together.”

The “Pets for Better Wellbeing” Report’s key findings1 include:

Improved Wellbeing Among Pet Parents:

  • Four in 10 pet owners report an overall improvement to their mental (38%) or physical (41%) wellbeing over the last three years, nearly doubling the rate of non-pet owners, at only 23%.
  • 92% of pet owners feel their relationship with their pet helped improve their mental and physical wellbeing over the last three years, with 42% indicating their pet improved it ‘a lot.’
  • 60% of pet owners who are also parents to children say pets improved their youngest owners’ mental wellbeing, providing companionship and emotional support that helped with the stress of social isolation.  

Barriers to Bringing – and Keeping – People and Pets Together:

  • Among those considering a pet, 66% are concerned about affordability, 47% are concerned about being away for work or travel, and 42% are concerned about finding pet-friendly housing.
  • 50% of those who want pets have seen or experienced challenges related to animal type, breed or size restrictions from their local government or rental property.
  • 66% of employed pet owners say they’re more likely to stay at a company that offers pet-friendly benefits, but only 10% of employers currently do.

Further Evidence of Pets’ “Paws-itive” Impact on Our Wellbeing:

  • Pets provided companionship (77%) and emotional support (70%) to their owners over the last three years.
  • Pet owners are planning to keep their pets close in the year ahead by bringing them when they travel (52%) and to pet-friendly businesses (29%).
  • Pet owners are concerned about both their own loneliness (55%) as well as their pet’s loneliness (61%) when they do have to be apart.

Critical Need for Adoptions Amid the Animal Shelter Crisis:

  • 36% of non-pet owners are considering adopting or fostering a cat or dog in the next 3-5 years. Gen Z and Millennials are nearly twice as likely to have these intentions.
  • 61% of those intending to adopt or foster will turn to animal shelters or rescues, a decision that is more critical than ever, with shelters on pace to have their worst overpopulation rates and resource constraints in at least three years2.
  • Pets adopted from shelters provided an extra boost in mental wellbeing for nearly all of their owners (84%).

While positive strides have already been made, there’s still work to be done. Mars Petcare and its family of iconic pet nutrition brands like PEDIGREE® and CESAR® will continue to introduce programs that help to ensure more pets are wanted, cared for and welcomed in support of the company’s global purpose: A Better World for Pets.  

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