July 12, 2024
Interview with Animal Management Warden Loralyn Valencia
By Deborah Simcox

“Ah, what a sweet puppy!” How straightforward it is to fall in adore with a warm, cuddly ball of fur that licks your nose in such an lovable way. Speedy ahead a few decades (or even months) and this could be the hungry, homeless, filthy canine you see wandering the streets. Why so several stray dogs?

Fayette County Animal Handle Warden Loralyn Valencia holds two puppies lately at the shelter. Image by Leah Williams.

Fayette County Management Officer Loralyn Valencia experienced a great deal to say about why so several canines conclude up homeless. She stated that there are a lot of things to figure in to owning a 4 legged fur-newborn.

Valencia mentioned considering the breed(s) of the canine, initially of all. Lots of breeds (even if only partly that breed) have feasible health concerns. Usually after the “cuteness” wears off and the doggy matures, a health and fitness concern problematic to that breed appears, ensuing in heart break for the family members and high-priced veterinary expenditures. Not wanting the kids to see an animal decline in well being or unable to afford to pay for the health care payments, some people will drive the animal much away from their dwelling and “drop it off”, believing that “someone” will acquire it dwelling. This almost never transpires! So examine the feasible genetic health problems of the breed before producing a “forever” determination to the pet.

Consider the life expectancy of the pet and your lifestyle expectancy. Remember that pretty couple nursing homes will let their patients to bring their beloved dogs to the facility with them. Also think about your lifestyle. Do you vacation a large amount? Some animals journey properly, some not. How lengthy of a interval of time will your pet be remaining by itself?

Living area ought to be thought of, also. Regardless of dimensions, several breeds have to have much more training than other individuals. Canines that “soil” their homes are usually in requirement of additional house and/or extra exercise. Think about that this may well be a “need” alternatively than just “bad behavior”. Speaking of conduct, contemplate obedience education, regardless of whether a tutorial on YouTube or by a experienced coach. Ponder, far too, the breed’s grooming needs and if you have the time, patience and products to maintain your dog groomed. Or you might prefer to shell out a qualified groomer.

Acquire into account how “dog friendly” your neighbors and neighborhood are. Some people might have much more exacting expectations of boundaries to how and wherever your pet might wander than you have.

Just before a dog can be “adopted out” by a accredited “Rescuer” it will have to be vaccinated (together with towards rabies), spayed or neutered, wormed, and implanted with a microchip. Fayette County Animal Control is not an adoption shelter. They community with “Rescuers” who are licensed, this sort of as Next Chance, and who can “adopt out” to endlessly houses.

To those people who want an unsprayed or unneutered canine for breeding purposes, Officer Valencia said, “If looking at breeding your pet, just due to the fact it was a adorable pup, does not necessarily mean that they (the puppies) will find an proper “forever” home.”

Outside canine have to have shelter to protect them from the factors, such as rain and wind. When requested about canine sheltering underneath a porch, Valencia explained, “Not except the porch is enclosed on three sides from the elements.” Straw (not hay) is a superior insulator for heat somewhat than blankets.

Matching the appropriate puppy to the right residence will minimize the quantity of stray, homeless canines in our neighborhood.