September 23, 2023

Expensive Cathy: We adopted a 5-year-aged feminine mini-poodle we named Sami. Sami was caged by a breeder in a pup mill. Because of to her lack of (social) practical experience, she is hard to prepare. Sami will not acknowledge the association of text to treats and actions. For that reason, beneficial reinforcement won’t do the job. She has no idea about the indicating of phrases she hears, these types of as her title, try to eat, out, wander, etcetera.

Even so, she acknowledges clues to things, these as us placing on our jackets, rattling her leash or preparing her foods. Sami also will allow my husband do something to her, but she avoids me. She is quite cautious about almost everything but has come a extensive way because we adopted her. Your ideas? — Janis, Hartford, Connecticut

Dear Janis: Pet dogs born in pup mills do not have the very best commence in life. They are lifted in cages for six to 12 months waiting around to be sent to pet suppliers. Unfortunately, this progress period coincides with peak socialization, when puppies easily strategy men and women and are unafraid of new ordeals.

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At this stage, puppies ought to be gently taken care of, petted and slowly but surely exposed to other dogs, kids, stairs, grass, the vet’s business office, sort strangers, etcetera. If they don’t interact or have minimal interactions with folks, they can build fears that can be complicated, but not extremely hard, to untrain later.

Since your doggy is already past the puppy dog stage, you will will need to make her have faith in by developing a predictable routine. She need to discover to have faith in her new dwelling just before she can have faith in activities outdoors the household.

Upcoming, slowly and gradually expose her to new experiences, like strolling on a leash, on a sidewalk or on grass. Expose her, slowly, to new surroundings, like using distinctive routes when you stroll.

If she is anxious about conference new men and women, expose her to buddies and spouse and children she already trusts but who can put on disguises, like hats and sunglasses. Have them toss her treats from about 10 toes away so she can associate these “new people” with some thing yummy. Do this right before a food so she is hungry, and use a higher-price address, like pieces of boiled (unsalted) chicken, to entice her.

It can take time to socialize an grownup puppy, but you can certainly do it if you are patient and persistent with her education. Presented time, she will understand to trust you and your relatives. When canine find out to rely on, they become the most incredible companions. Please maintain me posted on her development.

Dear Cathy: I have a 4 ½-pound, female, 16-year-outdated Persian cat whom I have groomed each and every 4 months. For the previous calendar year, her fur has been having lengthier to expand in some locations. The fur all-around her face, paws, tail and butt all looks standard, but the fur seems to have stopped escalating on the sides of her belly and ribs.

I am thinking if it’s a lack of minerals/vitamins. Her fur is not slipping out it is just not developing. I’m not sure if that tends to make a difference. Or else, she is happy and healthy in each and every way. She eats, drinks and utilizes the litter box.

She was at the vet a calendar year ago for a comprehensive checkup. The vet claimed she is excellent for her age. She’s also the only pet in the property and has no get in touch with with other animals. Any feelings? — Vicki, Massapequa, New York

Expensive Vicki: At times, a cat’s coat stops growing or grows little by little, relying on the time of year. Animals have four phases of yearly hair development. The anagen stage is when new hair grows. The catagen phase is when hair reaches its full length and stops rising. The telogen phase is when the hair is neither escalating nor shedding. And the exogen stage is when the hair sheds.

So, over-all, it is not irregular for hair to prevent growing for a even though. But when hair grows inconsistently, primarily when it has not prior to, then it could be a symptom of an fundamental well being trouble, like a thyroid dilemma or a hormonal imbalance or deficiency.

Due to the fact it has been a calendar year, I propose a check out to the vet and obtaining blood operate to see if she has developed a health and fitness issue. Health complications can crop up swiftly for senior animals, so look at biannual tests for any cat commencing around 10 or 11 yrs old. At 16, she is a geriatric feline, and factors do start to slow down for them.

Going ahead, question your groomer to go away regions that are not rising by itself to give them time to occur back.

Cathy M. Rosenthal is a longtime animal advocate, author, columnist and pet expert who has more than 25 decades in the animal welfare industry. Mail your pet queries, tales and tips to [email protected]. Make sure you incorporate your name, city and condition. You can follow her @cathymrosenthal.