May 27, 2024


Very well, my goats & donkeys are reasonably simple. As prolonged as they get their feed and lots of place to play around, they’re happy. If you stay on leading of the mucking out, it doesn’t acquire extensive.
The ducks are fairly much the similar, except when it’s nesting season. They retain jogging off into the woods to make a nest, which is a soreness simply because they are as well exposed to foxes there, so I have go discover them and try out to persuade them to nest on the Island in the middle of the pond.
My tortoise is simple to take treatment of. Even though it does like to torment the canine.

Fish!!!! Surely the fish! They are very little but aggravation! I don’t know why I bothered!




Them issues spit hearth yo!!!!

Lol jk i assume fish r very tricky, result in u gotta adjust the h2o, and feed them consistently :3🍩



Goldfish. They have to have a large amount much more to dwell wholesome life than lots of people today consider!
The dimensions of tank they really should be in, the quantity they poop, the necessity to clear the tank so often, their development amount. 🥴. My betta fish was a lot easier than my goldfish!



Tropical sea fish are the worst.
Gentle, temperature, salinity, pH, algae, snails… You must be attentive to just about every one depth.
They need a substantial aquarium to sustain an ecosystem and there is usually anything heading poor.

Unquestionably one of the most tough animals to get treatment of.



Australian Cattle Canine (Heelers)
I experienced a person and she was astounding, but was so time consuming and stubborn. She often had to be walked usually she was a menace, wanted attention, and good as hell so she bought into a ton of difficulties.
They also tend to be agressive and mine commenced to attack my two older puppies. Even despatched the 13-year-old to crisis medical procedures (she’s high-quality now, by some means. Do not know how that canine is nevertheless alive but she’s satisfied as a clam).
Fortunately, we found a home for her that was ready to take better care of her and give her the interest that she requires.
But person, she was a handful.



One that is not yours and anyone else just made a decision they didn’t want any longer and you have to undo the psychological hurt of.



We rescued a quite aged, arthritic & pretty needy chihuahua, who finished up having to have equally eyes removed thanks to glaucoma, took heart treatment, arthritis meds, experienced to have special (high priced) meals, beloved to be wrapped in heat blankets and Need to be cuddled 24/7. She was the most pricey animal I ever experienced. I would completely do it once more. I miss out on her so substantially ♥️