November 29, 2023

In September, Dyson launched a new vacuum attachment developed for grooming pets. The attachment suite, known as the Pet Grooming Package, takes a classic slicker brush layout and reimagines it as a vacuum attachment that permits individuals to brush unfastened hair off of their pet and straight into their vacuum.

We analyzed Dyson’s new pet grooming attachments on 4 animals — two cats and two canine — and surveyed their individuals to carry you this assessment.

Dyson Pet Grooming 3

Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit is made to remove your pet’s unfastened hairs, dander and useless pores and skin flakes and, in accordance to Dyson, can be utilized on any pet that is accustomed to staying groomed with a slicker brush. (Our animals would like a phrase with Dyson about that assertion.) The pet tool is compatible with Dyson’s cordless array.

The grooming brush has 364 slicker bristles that are angled at a 35-diploma flex to an upright place as you brush the resource can be employed without the need of the vacuum on, then attached to the vacuum, put up-grooming, to suck up the hair. Dyson states its Pet Grooming Kit is acoustically engineered to make grooming much more tranquil for your pet here, once more, our pets posed some troubles to that assert.

To use the device, get started by brushing your pet with the attachment only to simplicity them into their salon practical experience. Then, connect the brush to the flexible hose, which connects to the Dyson’s cordless foundation. Use your thumb to press on the back again of the brush, which extends the slicker bristles after grooming, launch your thumb to retract the bristles and allow for the vacuum to suck your pet’s hair into the bin. Dyson’s tutorial video clip displays two individuals performing this procedure: just one to hold the animal and a single to operate the vacuum.

The Dyson Pet Grooming Package retails for $69.99 in accordance with Dyson’s return plan, a buy can be returned for a total refund in just 30 times from the shipping day.

Dyson Pet Grooming 1

Our human testers have been uniformly amazed by the Dyson pet instrument.

“Given how messy pet grooming can be,” just one human explained, “it’s a genius structure that allows you to do a few things at the moment — capture the dander and skin flakes and excess hair, whilst also grabbing on to people strands with the bristles as properly.”

Testers located set up quick and intuitive. The human reviewers also speedily determined a smart workaround to mitigate the outcomes of the vacuum’s sounds on the a lot more skittish animal reviewers. “I detached the brush from the vacuum,” one human reported, and used it to brush her cat, “then reattached and used the Dyson to suck up the loose hair. It’s not the most effortless but at the very least you get some of the added benefits of the resource.”

Overall, our testers complimented the structure and efficacy of the Dyson Pet Grooming Package. “The brush was neatly designed, and unquestionably grabbed additional hair than any other brush I’ve utilized,” a single human reviewer reported.

Dyson Pet Grooming 2

In contrast to their people today, the feline and canine reviewers we tapped for screening have been significantly less enamored of the Dyson pet grooming attachment. Let us satisfy them.

  • Phoebe is a domestic shorthair grey tabby cat with a sweet and affectionate temperament, who sheds a reasonable sum dependent on the time. She enjoys currently being brushed routinely.
  • Eartha is an incredibly active minimal black cat who leaves furballs about the property and coatings of hair on white furniture and linens. Eartha is not a fan of grooming she hates receiving her claws clipped, and is normally pretty skeptical of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Millie is a 10-pound shitzu who is incredibly sweet but not terribly brilliant. Millie is a senior rescue who suffers from sound anxiousness — household appliances, in individual, definitely established the old gal off.
  • Big Tony is a 20-pound Yorkie and most cancers survivor who loves chomping on carrots and romancing his father’s throw pillows. Tony is a no-lose pet, on the other hand he is encountering important fur decline just after radiation therapies previously this yr. (He stays devastatingly handsome.)
Dyson Pet Grooming 4.jpg

Our feline testers, Phoebe and Eartha, emphatically do not recommend the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit.

To simplicity Phoebe into issues, her human started out by using the brush on her without the need of attaching it to the vacuum, which she liked. But when the vacuum was launched, things went remaining. “I brought in the vacuum, and tried to concurrently vacuum and brush, which she hated. She now does not enjoy the audio of the vacuum so I believe getting it so near to her was a no-go.”

Eartha’s response was even a lot more extraordinary. “On first use she was certainly terrified,” her human states. “I tried using to simplicity her into it by brushing her with just the brush by itself prior to turning the vacuum on, which she rather enjoyed. On the other hand, I have to say after the vacuum turned on, it was game in excess of.”

Just one canine tester experienced identical feed-back: “It frightened Millie to demise since the Dyson is so loud,” her person says. “I was chasing her around the household with it.”

Major Tony was the lone animal among our testers who tolerated the grooming device. A essential depth right here is that Tony, who appreciates he’s terribly desirable, generally enjoys being groomed he behaves wonderfully when he’s staying washed and established, and usually sits quietly and fortunately for a brushing.

There ended up, also, some design and style flaws that our human testers noted. Making use of the brush necessitates you to engage your thumb all through to keep the bristles extended, and testers did not like this style and design. At the exact same time, the other hand operates the energy set off button, tying up the two arms to function the machine and the attachment itself, and leaving no hand free of charge to handle the animal. The versatile hose was neither extensive adequate nor adaptable enough.

You know your pet very best and, right after studying this evaluation, you almost certainly have a great plan if Sir BarksALot or Girl Meowmalade will welcome or reject the Dyson Pet Grooming Package.

When your personal assessment of your pet’s willingness to tolerate this grooming tool will be the most effective measure, Dyson created a checklist to assistance pet moms and dads determine if their resource is ideal for Fluffy or Fido.

  • My pet has medium or very long hair.
  • My pet does not have a wool coat (for example, pet dog breeds with wool coats include poodle, bichon frise and puli).
  • My pet is viewed as an grownup.
  • I now use a slicker brush to groom my pet.
  • I by now personal a Dyson vacuum and my pet isn’t disturbed by it.
  • I have another person who can support me groom my pet, if desired.
  • If I’m however not 100% certain the pet groom software is right for me and my pet, I’ll chat to my veterinarian or doggy groomer right before obtaining.

Overall, this tool does not seem to be good for cats, or for dogs who have sounds anxiety. But for animals who are prepared and able to experience for natural beauty, we come to feel assured in recommending the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit as a genuine game-changer for pet dad and mom.