April 22, 2024

A Texas person is following in a family members tradition with his possess “great big adventure” using on horseback from Austin, Texas to Seattle, Washington. 

Cyril Bertheau joined “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to talk about where the notion to vacation by horse came.

“It’s a family custom for just about every one particular of the oldest sons of my family on my dad’s side, the Bertheau, to do a good big journey. And it is kind of a rite of passage, if you will,” Bertheau explained. 

“So my terrific-grandfather begun it, and then my grandfather, then my father, and then now it’s me. So I mixed that with my appreciate for horses and horsemanship that I’ve been using for yrs and just went for it.”

Bertheau give up a 6-figure tech job to get ready for his experience, which he designs to do in 100 times. He also purchased his horse Shiok on Craigslist ahead of the excursion.

“[The employers] did say limitless PTO, but no, I stop my job and just went full all in and started out teaching and begun planning. And now I’m earning the big leap.”

On Sunday, the horserider experienced a sendoff at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. He strategies to ride by way of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho prior to arriving in Seattle in which he will stay for about a week before making the excursion dwelling. 

Pulling from his passions, Bertheau chose to journey horses due to the fact he had been driving given that he was little. His father, who is from Holland, chose a different experience for his “rite of passage.”

In 1984, Bertheau’s father Eric journeyed around the world for a few years which was motivated by his father’s travels and unique postcards. He traveled through a range of diverse transportation methods, observing regions in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the U.S. 

Cyril Bertheau
Cyril Bertheau embarked on a standard household adventure, leaving his six-determine occupation to ride horseback across the nation.
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Cyril Bertheau
Bertheau, along with his trusty steed, will travel from Austin to Seattle.

“I took a backpack and asked my mom to carry me to a certain point, not significantly from property on the way to a task,” Eric told FOX 7 Austin. “She place me there, and I put up my thumb, and that’s how my excursion started out.”

Given that beginning his journey before this 7 days, Bertheau has currently endured some wild encounters.

“I had ridden by means of some muddy paths and some rocks had long gone into [Shiok’s] hooves. So I hopped off and started out using the rocks out and I slipped and fell on him, which spooked him a tiny little bit. And then as I’m striving to attain again to get him, it spooked him even much more. And I couldn’t reach the reins in time. And he just took off,” Bertheau reported.

Bertheau and Shiok program to make the 2,300 mile trek in 100 times.

“So I begun running down the street and I see this Mini Cooper come up and this lady arrives out states, ‘Hop in. My husband’s likely to travel you.’ And so we run down and I just opened the doorway and stopped my horse.”

Bertheau shared his optimism and excitement for the journey, especially how he hopes to find out extra about his country and the persons that stay throughout the U.S. 

“I see this as a obstacle. Mental, actual physical, non secular,” Bertheau spelled out. “So I think I’m going to understand about myself. I believe I’m going to learn about the country I stay in, the men and women I stay with. I’m going to have what seems like insurmountable worries forward, and I’m just heading to be all set to experience them.”

“I consider people go to college and I kind of choose this as the university of daily life. I’m just likely to set myself in rough places and I believe I’ll be a far better gentleman afterwards.”