December 6, 2023

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ORLANDO, FL – Springtime is suitable around the corner, and bats turn out to be energetic and find areas inside houses and properties.  The Florida Section of Wellness in Orange County wishes to remind residents to acquire these basic ways to shield you and your loved ones:

  • Hardly ever cope with bats AND be sure that your young children comprehend the value of this
  • Make absolutely sure your animals are up-to-day on their rabies vaccine
  • Use screens in all open home windows
  • Secure any opens to your attic/roof

Bats are not to be disturbed throughout maternity time that operates from April 15 to August 15. It is illegal to damage or eliminate bats in Florida, but they can be lawfully excluded from a building or structure by following powerful, encouraged methods that secure bats and men and women. For exclusions of bat colonies, get hold of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation at 352-732-1225.

Bats engage in an critical purpose in the ecosystem, specially in managing insects and aiding agriculture, and they pose practically no risk to folks who do not manage them, nevertheless a smaller share can have rabies. If you come across a bat all through daylight hrs, it is most likely harmful and really should be avoided.

If you or a loved ones member has been bitten or scratched by a bat, you should seek out medical focus and make contact with Orange County Animal Companies at (407) 254-9150.

Bear in mind, bats belong in mother nature, not in your fingers. If you uncover a lifeless bat on your residence and you’re specified no human or pet make contact with has occurred, make sure you just take more precaution when disposing of the bat.

  • Wear significant gloves, or ideally scoop up the lifeless bat with a shovel although donning disposable gloves.
  • Burry the bat at a depth of at minimum 1 ft. less than the surface or dispose of it in the garbage receptacle.
  • If you spot it in the rubbish, make sure you think about the protection of other folks and be certain that no accidental speak to will be produced with the useless bat, by double bagging it in plastic rubbish luggage.
  • Clean your palms carefully and dispose of the gloves.

Rabies is a disease of the nervous program that can result in paralysis and is deadly to warm blooded animals and people. The virus is unfold by way of saliva, and humans may become infected by a bite wound, scratch or exposure of a new lower to saliva of a rabid animal.  The only procedure for human publicity to rabies is rabies unique immune globulin and rabies immunization.  Appropriate treatment method which is started off before long immediately after the publicity will shield an exposed individual from the ailment.

For much more facts on rabies, check out the DOH site at doh.point environment/medication/rabies/rabies-index.html or the CDC site at       


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