July 24, 2024
Best Pet Insurance Companies & Plans of 2023

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Anyone who has ever taken a sick or injured pet to the vet knows how expensive veterinary care can be. It’s in those situations where having a financial safety net to fall back on can be most helpful. It’s also in those situations where you shouldn’t have to decide between the health of your pet and your family’s financial well-being.

Our Best Pet Insurance Companies Rating

As a relatively new form of insurance, the first policy issued in 1982, pet insurance is not as well understood as other types such as homeowners, renters, or life insurance. For our unbiased rating of the Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2023, we researched 24 pet insurance companies to arrive at our final list of 10 companies. This guide will help you choose the best policy for your pet by explaining how pet insurance works, what it does and doesn’t cover, as well as what factors will affect the price of a policy.

Key points

  • Pet insurance policies generally do not cover preexisting conditions.
  • Most pet insurance companies require pet owners to pay vet bills up front, and then submit claims to be reimbursed.
  • One insurer in our rating covers exotic pets, and another offers policies for horses, but most pet insurance companies only cover dogs and cats.

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