April 22, 2024

When it comes to Hogwarts Legacy animals, you could possibly be hunting ahead to buying a furry familiar or some other magica companion. Regrettably, you will not get assigned your really very own Crookshanks the cat or Trevor the frog, but soon after completing two particular quests you will study how to interact with and rescue wild beasts from poachers. You will be nurturing them in your Vivarium, a room that the Hogwarts Legacy Space of Need supplies for your comfort following you complete the important most important mission tasks to unlock it. Right here is how to rescue and play with creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, even if most of them cannot walk around the globe with you. 

Are there animals in Hogwarts Legacy? 

Hogwarts Legacy pets - mooncalf

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Yes and no. You do not get a pet in Hogwarts Legacy, but you will unlock the means to capture and raise your own creatures by trying to keep them safe from prowling poachers. From puffskeins to kneazles, thestrals to unicorns, you will be in a position to treatment for them in the Area of Requirement’s Vivarium and even breed them to elevate lovable infants if you so want.

How do I capture beasts in Hogwarts Legacy? 

Hogwarts Legacy hippogriff vivarium

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You will study to treatment for creatures just after attending your 1st Beasts course, in which you will meet up with Hufflepuff student Poppy Sweeting. She will introduce you to her puffskein, Gerald, and you will now have obtain to the creature brush and beast feed in your spell stock.