June 14, 2024

AUSTIN (KXAN) — About 20 minutes from Austin’s bustling downtown, there is a tranquil farm dwelling to chickens, a barn cat, goats and horses. 

People today go there to choose horseback riding classes, hang out with some animals or just escape from the every day hustle and bustle. 

Kathy, who wished not to share her very last name, has run the horse stables there for numerous years. She reported this previous week a little something took place to disrupt the tranquility of the place that she experienced in no way experienced before. 

“We experienced some horses go to a display. And afterward, the homeowners uncovered slash pieces,” Kathy stated. “And then we started out fundamentally hunting the herd.” 

Soon after their look for, they recognized that another person had vandalized over 20 of the 35 horses. Numerous of them experienced enormous chunks of their very long grown-out locks slice off. Other people had just a pair of inches snipped off. 

She felt her privacy was violated. “It’s not wonderful. It would make me indignant,” she said. 

If you are wanting to know why somebody would pick out to split onto someone’s farm and steal a horse’s hair, you are not on your own. Kathy and the other horse owners at the stables are racking their brains, seeking to determine out the motive.

Some of the women of all ages posited that this person may perhaps have required to accumulate the hair to make jewelry out of it. Others disagreed with this principle. If that ended up the motive, they prompt, a man or woman would have targeted on cutting additional from just a couple of horses relatively than stealing so tiny from so a lot of. 

“Various different crafts? Maybe odd voodoo? I never know. I just can’t rule out maliciousness,” Kathy claimed. 

Another principle: a disgruntled personnel who did it out of spite, she stated. 

Melissa Lester owns a 1,500-pound horse named Perseus. A huge chunk of his mane was chopped through the incident. For Lester, this usually means she could skip out on hundreds of dollars. 

Perseus does reveals, designs and sometimes is hired for occasions. 

Anyone vandalized 20 horses at an Austin ranch by chopping their manes. Melissa Teller exhibits how much hair was slice off of her horse, Perseus. (KXAN Shots/Sam Stark)

“He got like an inch and a half here chopped off in the center of his mane. And he’s supposed to have a truly very long mane. This sort of messes things up for when we go to displays,” Lester said. 

“I’m probably just gonna have a hard time masking it up for pictures and factors like that,” Lester mentioned. “It’s just a person much more thing I have to get worried about. And then this will acquire almost certainly an additional five many years at the very least to mature.”

Outside of the invasion of privateness, the women have been anxious about the basic safety of the horses and the particular person. Whilst numerous of the horses have been really helpful, some ended up shy and skittish. A individual not common with how to interact with the animals could spook them and injure by themselves or the animal.  

Other horses can get severely ill from straying away from their eating plans. Kathy felt the human being or people who defaced the house could have lured them with treats. 

“I assume my most important worry with it is, you know, a good deal of folks never know ample about horses to know what they can and can not do. They could have gotten damage, the horses could have gotten damage and  they could have allow them out.”

Kathy mentioned she did not want of file a police report simply because she does not know how they could assist. She claimed she is considering installing cameras so that something like this won’t take place once again. 

“I’m dependable for caring for these horses for people and ensuring their properly-becoming. It feels like, you know, it is creating my occupation more challenging.”