June 21, 2024

A caddy keeps your jump poles elevated from the ground when not in use, protecting them from rot. Furthermore, they are portable.

A medium-duty undercarriage running gear supporting 2000 pounds of equipment is standard on mobile pole caddies. They can be pulled with a medium-sized four-wheeler or tractor. They also have easy-to-remove trees and forks so that you can disassemble them for shipping or storage.

Saves You Time

If you have multiple equestrian events on your calendar, keeping up with removing and resetting jumps each time can be challenging. A mobile pole caddy helps make the process much easier.

A basic Crossrail jump is a pair of crossed standards with one pole set higher than the other to create an “x” shape. These are useful for beginners and training young or new horses to stay straight over obstacles.

A vertical consists of poles placed evenly between two standards. This is a typical jump seen in competitions. Some verticals have decorative elements on the bottom or sides of the standards. There are broad jumps made from two standards set relatively close together. The height and design of these vary by the level of competition.

Saves You Money

Mobile pole caddies can keep your jumps elevated from the ground when not in use, protecting them from rot and providing a safe and practical storage solution. They’re also a great way to prevent your equipment from getting dirty when it’s not in use, making them an investment that can save you money over time.

These wagons come with medium-duty undercarriage running gear rated for 2000 pounds and can easily be pulled by a tractor or medium-sized four-wheeler. Multiple wagons can be hooked together for more efficient transportation if you need to haul large equipment. They’re often made of Lodge pine, a softwood that exhibits strength and durability after suitable processing. This sturdy material is a popular choice for horse jumps as it’s affordable and durable for long-term use.

Keeps Your Poles Safe

Jump caddies keep horse jump poles elevated off the ground when not in use. This prevents them from being exposed to moisture and rot, which can damage them over time. They also make it easy to select suitable poles when setting up a course in your arena.

Showjumping: An equestrian sport in which speed and accuracy over obstacles are more important than form. Knocked or fallen rails incur time penalties that hinder a rider’s score.

A basic Crossrail consists of two sets of standards, with one top pole higher on one side than the other to encourage new jumpers to stay straight. Square oxers are a similar obstacle with evenly spaced top bars.

Keeps Your Ring Tidy

When horse jumps are stored in a caddy, they stay elevated from the ground when not in use. This helps to protect the poles from rotting and keep them looking nice.

During jump practice or competitions, a mobile pole caddy, also known as a pole rack wagon, is an excellent method to store or move your jump equipment, including poles, gates, and planks, in and out of the arena.eas These caddies come equipped with medium-duty undercarriage running gear rated for 2000 pounds of equipment and can be pulled by a medium size tractor or four-wheeler. They also have an easy-to-use tow bar for hooking up to your vehicle.

Wall-mounted caddies can be mounted to your barn door, tack locker, or even on the front of your horse trailer. These caddies have hooks that can hold up to six poles at once and are safe for transportation.

It’s Easy to Transport

A jump caddy is a convenient way to transport and store horse show jumps and other equipment. These wagons, pulled by a medium-sized tractor or four-wheeler, can easily haul up to 2000 pounds of gear and feature a tow bar for easy pull.

While many different types of jumps and fences exist, some are common. For example, a vertical consists of several shaped poles between two standards. These can have decorative elements underneath or even multiple levels of bars for an asymmetrical look. These woods are both durable and offer good strength. They also resist rotting and remain attractive after proper processing.