May 22, 2024
There are a variety of reasons why a dog or cat owner would want to purchase an insurance policy.

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When it comes to financial products and services, the value each purchaser receives is relative. 

If you’re young and healthy, then a life insurance policy can generally be both cost-effective and worthwhile. Someone who travels often, meanwhile, will normally find travel insurance valuable relative to the cost of purchase.

Pet insurance isn’t as well-known as life insurance, travel insurance or even health insurance for humans. However, it too offers unique benefits and generally low costs. Accordingly, there are a variety of reasons why a dog or cat owner would want to purchase an insurance policy.

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3 of the best reasons to buy pet insurance

Pet insurance can be an effective way of reducing pet costs while increasing financial security and peace of mind for owners. Here are three of the best reasons to buy pet insurance now.

Reduced costs

This is arguably the very best reason to get a pet insurance policy. In short: Pet insurance can help reduce costs without sacrificing care. In exchange for a minimal fee to a provider ($30-$70 per month for a dog and $15-$40 per month for cats, on average) owners receive coverage for a wide variety of visits. This can include procedures, diagnostic testing and X-rays, medications, hospital stays, emergency care and more.

Do the math. How much would it cost you out of pocket to cover a medical procedure, an X-ray or a hospital stay for your pet? Now compare that to the monthly cost of pet insurance and calculate your potential savings.

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Tailored coverage

Pet insurance isn’t exactly like health insurance for humans. For the latter, most adults pay a generous amount to secure coverage that they may or may not even need.

But with pet insurance owners can tailor their policy to treatment that their pet will need now – or possibly in the future. This way they don’t end up paying for care they never need.

Your vet can also help you tailor any insurance plan to the pet you have. They’re closely involved with the care and treatment of your animal and see a variety of related issues on a daily basis. By asking your veterinarian for guidance, you can more accurately adjust your pet insurance coverage

Veterinarians also typically know which breeds suffer from hereditary conditions. So, they can predict with some certainty what health conditions to cover in advance, making pet insurance both cost-effective and specialized!

Peace of mind

This is often thought of as a benefit for policyholders of all insurances so why should pet owners be any different? All insurance policies provide some level of comfort and peace of mind by letting the policyholder know that they have financial support should something go wrong. Pet insurance is no different.

Many pet owners are unfamiliar with pet health and treatments. But by securing a pet insurance policy they can obtain peace of mind knowing that, in the worst-case scenario, they will have reliable medical expertise to help – and it won’t break the bank to secure.

The bottom line

While these may be some of the best reasons to secure a pet insurance policy, they aren’t the only ones. Some of the best reasons are likely tied to the owner’s individual circumstances and budget. However, if you’re a pet owner looking for reduced medical costs, tailored coverage and peace of mind, pet insurance may be the way to go.

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