July 16, 2024
15 best online pet stores to spoil your pet

Face it, our pets are truly our best friends, especially since we spent the last year holed up at home with them.

Be it a dog, cat, bunny, fish or any of the other furry (or scaled) friends we invite into our homes, pets are members of the family and deserve only the best when it comes to their care. This year, many of us welcomed in a new pandemic pet, keeping us company during an otherwise isolating time.

But you don’t even need to leave your animal sanctuary for supplies since you can order everything you need for pets from the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for the busy pet parent, here are the best online pet supply stores you can order right now, sending food, treats, medications and other must-haves right to your doggie door.

A box of dog toys and treats from Chewy

Chewy is your one-stop-shop for any pet you have, be it a dog or cat or a reptile, bird and even a farm animal.

Not only do they carry adorable items like dog and cat toys and furniture, but they also sell essentials like medications and food that you never want to be caught without. The best part is they offer an auto-ship service that automatically delivers your order to your door, so you never forget Fido’s food ever again.

A cartoon of a man feeding his cat

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to make a Prime account for Fido, but you may want one for yourself when you see all the amazing items on Amazon Pets.

The sub-platform makes shopping for all of your furry friends a breeze, as you can shop by breed and size, type of pet, type of diet or even look at items recommended for new pet owners all on one page. The platform carries everything from food and litter to toys and grooming supplies, making it a one-stop-shop for your pup, kitten, fish, hamster and more.

A cat, dog and bird

You know the brick-and-mortar store, but did you know Petco has an even bigger selection online?

Shop Petco for every one of your pets and their needs, from the classic dog and cat to the smaller furry friends like rabbits and hamsters or scaly friends like snakes and lizards. They also offer same-day delivery on most orders as well as discounts on curbside pickup and repeat deliveries.

A cat in a circular cat bed
Tuft and Paw

If you have a fancy feline, get them pet furniture and accessories to match both theirs and your aesthetic.

Head to Tuft and Paw for everything your cat or kitten needs, sorted by their needs. Choose climb to see a variety of super chic climbing contraptions, scratch for posts and tee-pees to claw at, litter for the coolest hidden litter boxes you’ve seen, play for toys, eat for elevated bowls to avoid whisker fatigue and accessorize for everything else.

Everything is designed with your cat in mind, and if they are a finicky feline, you can return hassle-free for 90 days.

A chocolate lab

Are you a smart pet owner? If yes, then you should shop at PetSmart for all your fur baby’s needs. The PetSmart online store has an abundance of supplies for all furry friends, with treats, habitats, accessories and more.

A woman winking holding a box of pet flea medicaine and the words "Lipgloss, check, phone, check, and fleas (crossed out)
PetCareRx via Instagram

Make sure your pets are always feeling their best and get the best care when they don’t, all with PetCareRx.

The online pet pharmacy is a great option for finding your pet’s medicinal essentials, like flea and tick medication, heartworm meds, medicated pet food and prescription meds from your vet.

A brown dog looks at the camera whole a man works on a laptop in a living room
Fable Pets

It’s no fable, these pet products are innovative, stylish and your pet will love them.

Fable Pets is changing the game in the pet space, and you’ll want to get in on it. The pet care company wants to make feeding, exercising and crate training your pet a fun and easy experience with their line of products. For a fun activity, check out The Game, an interactive feeder that doubles as a toy. For some quiet and solo-play, try the Falcon Toy and be sure to fill it with treats. Once it’s time for bed, put this cozy mat in one of Fable’s signature crates and it will be all sweet doggy dreams from there.

Two dogs on a seesaw and a cat on the side with pet supplies in the middle of a blue and white background with a pink heart
Alpha Paw

Show your alpha dog (or cat) how much you care with new toys and treats from Alpha Paw.

The online pet store sells essential items for your cat and dog, all at great prices and delivered to your door with ease. Shop bestsellers for all breeds, including the site exclusive PawRamp for your pets to easily get up and down without injury. As a bonus for the owner, make sure to check out the merchandise shop, with customizable items like necklaces and rings with your pet’s name, and other dog and cat-themed merch.

On the left, an assortment of blue dog leashes and harness, and on the right a woman pets her dog while he wears the harness
Wild One

For the wild one in your home, be sure to have the pet essentials they need to get going in style.

Wild Ones specializes in leashes, harnesses and other walk or run essentials for your dog (or cat on a leash if they’re into that.) As to not pull on a dog’s neck while out and about, check out their harness walk kit, complete with a colorful harness, leash and a poop-bag carrier, now on sale for $98. For an a la carte option, check out their everyday essentials line, with collars, shampoo, treats, toys and more.

A gray cat on a bench looking at a bag of cat food and an array of more cat food and treats on the floor
Cat Person

The name is pretty self-explanatory on this one, but if you are a cat person, then this site is for you.

Cat Person makes getting your kitty’s food, treats and home essentials a breeze. For feeding time, they even offer a subscription service, so their bowl never runs dry and you never need to run to the store. Create your cat’s meal plan on the site and save 10% on every order, which is delivered fresh every four weeks. For other must-haves, check out their stylish beds and matching bowls, which even come with a tray for spills.

A small yellow dog in front of a woman's feet carrying a camo and pink bag and a matching dog carrier next to them

Red rover, red rover, send Fido right over.

Transport your pets in style and comfort with a carrier from Roverlund. Don’t forget to be sure to add a leash to your cart, too, so you can walk them once you get to where you’re going.

A woman on the couch with her cat and a cardboard litter box on the floor
Kitty Poo Club

It may not be the most glamorous part of pet ownership, but when nature calls for your cat, make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Kitty Poo Club gets right down to business when it comes to your cat’s business, with a subscription-based litter box club for you and your kitty. The company sends you an easy to install and recyclable litter box and a bag of litter of your choice each month, so all you have to do is toss the old one and assemble the new one each time a new one comes in the mail.

Choose between four different types of litter for your box, and then be sure to add some treats, toys and accessories to your cart too, and they’ll be purring at the door waiting for their new box to come in the mail.

A brown box with BARK BOX on it and an assortment of chew toys and treats

When in doubt, get a whole box worth of stuff for your pup. They deserve it, after all.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs, filled to the brim with must-haves like squeaky toys, ropes, treats and snacks that are all pup-approved and made in the USA. Boxes start at $23 per box but have a value over $40, meaning you get a bang for your buck each time you bark. Each month’s box also follows a theme, so it’s fun for your fluffy friend and for you when it’s time to open the mailbox to see which treats you received.

A litter box with a green spot and a blue spot

This one is for all you cool cats and kittens out there in need of some new litter.

PrettyLitter doubles as an odor-controlling litter and a doctor-to-go, as the litter changes colors depending on your cat’s health. After they do their business, the litter will clump like normal, but also change color to signal if your cat is healthy or has an issue like a high pH that may mean a bladder problem, kidney issues, a UTI and other common illnesses. Plus, PrettyLitter can come on a subscription basis, never leaving you without litter or forcing you to lug heavy bags from the pet store.

A cat scratching a disc

Obsessed with your pets? We are too, so be sure they have the best care.

EntirelyPets sells a plethora of pet care items, including flea and tick products, allergy meds, joint supplements and other health care items. They also carry the fun stuff like toys, treats and more with discounts for rewards members.

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