Who is Eliza Brownhome?

In the summer of 2002, we bought a 40 foot, 72 passenger yellow Bluebird school bus and decided to convert it. It was an impulsive decision and, it might seem obvious to some, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We named her Eliza Brownhome, parked her in East Vancouver, moved in, and started work on the conversion.


I’m not much of a tv person. I do have a few shows that I like, but I watch them on the computer as I haven’t owned a tv in over 10 years. By watching on the computer, I avoid most commercials and I don’t flip channels mindlessly watching whatever is on. As a result, when I was approached by HGTV Star about having our bus featured in one of their episodes, I had never even heard of the show despite it being in its 8th season. For those of you like me, HGTV Star, formerly Design Star, is a reality show where contestants are given interior design challenges, and each week one designer is voted off until there is a winner. Every season, contestants are also given an unconventional space to design, like a yurt or a shipping container, and this season it was a school bus. That’s where we came in. We were asked to submit pictures of our bus to be briefly aired on screen as examples of real life school buses that showed good design. We submitted five photos and one was used in the episode, along with two pictures of other buses. The school bus episode is Season 8, Episode 6 and you can watch it online here. (We appear at roughly the 4 min mark).