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Midwife-led versus other models of care for childbearing women
Cochrane Review
The review concluded that most women should be offered midwife-led models of care, although caution should be exercised in applying this advice to women with substantial medical or obstetric complications. Read the study to find out why.

Outcomes of Planned Hospital Birth Attended by Midwives Compared with Physicians in British Columbia ABSTRACT only (must pay for full-text)
Birth – Issues in Perinatal Care
Study concludes that “a shift toward greater proportions of midwife-attended births in hospitals could result in reduced rates of obstetric interventions, with similar rates of neonatal morbidity”.

The following two articles are excerpts from Marsden Wagner’s new book Born in the USA: How a Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed to Put Women and Children First. Marsden Wagner, M.D., M.S., is a perinatologist and perinatal epidemiologist. He was director of Women’s and Children’s Health in the World Health Organization for 15 years and is the author or editor of eight books.

Welcoming Baby, or Not
Are men, machines, and hospitals really necessary for a healthy childbirth?

Midwifery’s Renaissance
Dismissed, disrespected, and hunted like witches, midwives are finally being recognized-but misunderstandings and myths endure.


NEW! CMAJ September 2009 Study
This groundbreaking study looks at one health region in British Columbia over 5 years and compared outcomes of planned home births attended by registered midwives to planned hospital births attended by midwives or doctors.

BJOG April 2009 Study
New study of 529,000 low-risk women in the Netherlands concludes that “women can safely choose where they want to give birth, provided the maternity care system is well equipped for homebirths.”

British Medical Journal – Study of North American births in 2000

Canadian Medical Association Journal – Outcomes of planned home births versus planned hospital births after regulation of midwifery in British Columbia

Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth


Choosing a doula: Answers to your most-asked questions
by Henci Goer
This great introductory article covers questions you may have about doulas, what to look for when hiring a doula and how to interview candidates.

Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth
Cochrane Review
Brief abstract of a study on the effects of continuous support during childbirth. You can also download the entire study in pdf.

Position Paper: The Doula’s Contribution to Modern Maternity Care (pdf)
Overview of the doula’s role, how the doula and partner work together, the doula as a member of the maternity care team, current research and questions to ask prospective doulas.

Dads and Doulas: Key Players on Mother’s Labor Support Team (pdf)
Easy to read article explaining how dads and doulas work together to give mom the best childbirth support.

Dads and Doulas: Support During the Postpartum Period (pdf)
Another short article on dads and doulas; this time focusing on how they work together in the postpartum period.

More Research
Excellent list of further resources and research on the benefits of doula care.