Who is BluebirdMama?

AlisonBluebirdMama is a user name I chose for an online community during my first pregnancy in 2005. My husband and I were living in a half-converted Bluebird school bus in my sister’s backyard. We fell in love with that bus. Part magnum opus, part ball & chain, Eliza Brownhome ruled our lives, changed our lives, taught me who I am, made me who I am.

During my pregnancy, I turned toward the natural birthing community in a very natural way, step by step. Starting with my lack of fear of home birth (knowing that’s where I had been born), nudged along by a university health class that talked about maternity care in the Netherlands, encouraged by a friend’s older sister who told me about midwifery care. After my son’s birth I started an online store selling birthing supplies and discovered that I can get pretty fired up thinking about the way we all come into this world.

Along the way, that combination of words—BluebirdMama—began to sum up the parts of my life that defined me: my home, my shelter, my project, my partner, my community, my motherhood, my children, and my passions.


My real name is Alison.

We recently moved back into Eliza and built a small cabin on the side to accommodate the extra people our family has acquired in the last five years.

All three of our children were born at home, with midwives in attendance.

We are interested in alternative styles of education and have explored both home learning and Waldorf.

We run our own business. We (mostly) set the hours when we work, and we are self-sufficient for income.

We believe that family and home are the cornerstones on which we build our lives, and as such, we proudly identify as a SAHF – Stay-at-Home-Family. It’s got nothing to do with self-worth, or success, or whether or not we get to call what we do work, but everything to do with living the life that WE WANT, authentically, and unapologetically.

For fun, I read, write, knit, design websites, bake.

I blog for fun too and I would love to hear from you. Don’t be shy.