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Posted on Nov 6, 2012 in Featured | 0 comments

After thinking about this for a year or so, I’ve finally decided to start a Facebook page for this blog. I didn’t think my audience was big enough to justify a Facebook page in the past, but my subject matter and audience has broadened recently. I have also quite enjoyed my work maintaining a Facebook page for a local midwifery clinic. I am a frequent Facebook user and a bad blogger so I anticipate posting more frequently on Facebook than I do here. I like the flexibility of format in Facebook: shorter posts (than my notoriously long blog posts) or longer posts (unlike twitter) and the ability to share pictures and pretty links (not just urls). I will be sharing my own blog posts there, but likely other things as well so I hope that you will find the content rich, varied and interesting. Come on over and join me in any of these venues:

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