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Here we are: already the second week of April. I had intended to do monthly updates on our progress on our new farm plan, and on our word of the year, energize…but the weeks have slipped away in a sleep deprived fog as Silas continues to be an incredibly crappy sleeper. Yeah, I know he’s a baby, but this is crappy sleep even for a baby. Really.

Jumping straight in then, since this will have to be a big update:

January Progress – Getting Organized:

I joined pinterest as a place to start saving inspiration for our Farm Plan. You can follow me there at abluebirdmama. My boards that are relevant to our Farm Plan are: Cabinspiration, Farm Plan, and Shelter: Handmade & Tiny Homes.

I started my planned computer clean up by migrating most of my bookmarks to pinterest. Unfortunately, the purge is stalled there because the rest (sorting docs, downloads, emails) is too boring compared to playing on pinterest.

I have our household binder 90% complete. Unfortunately, I only use it 15% of the time.

We got a new (to us) van and we vowed 1) to keep up with the maintenance and 2) to keep it clean.

February Progress – She’s Crafty:

We finally completed and signed our Lease with the farmers where we are moving! This was a big deal for all of us. The process of writing the lease was lengthy and filled with yummy dinner meetings, and screaming-baby-filled-conference calls. It was a good beginning exercise in getting to know each other and learning to be vocal about needs, wants, hopes, expectations, and boundaries. Signing those pages was also very scary – no going back now!!

I had a few nights of panic. Might as well lay there awake panicking while you wait for the baby to wake up again right?

We celebrated our last baby’s first birthday. I got crafty. I made a birthday banner.

birthday bunting

I made a birthday crown.

birthday crown

I also stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making wee mice in wee tins for the wee ones’ Valentine’s Day gifts.

wee mouse

I made a cloth tote to keep stuff organized in the van. It holds snacks, spare diapers, a few baby toys, books. In the summer, it will also hold a spare towel, bug dope and sun screen.

car tote

You can also follow Things to Make & Do on pinterest.

March Progress – First Things First:

We cleared and leveled the (formerly forested) lot where our bus (Eliza Brownhome) and cabin (the Annex, the Panic Room, or the Pannex, whichever you prefer) will be sitting.

cleared lot

Doesn't look like much yet.

We sent trees from the lot to the mill to be milled into the beams that will become our cabin.

balance beams

Noa balances on the future beams of the annex.

We dug a trench from the barn to our site to begin running our electrical, phone and water services to our site.


This is where our services will go.

By we, I mean Aaron. He did a lot of organizing, tree work,  and got to drive a bobcat.


Bobcat driving takes concentration

bobcat boy

Rain got to have a short "turn"

I put in extra hours at the midwifery clinic.

I neglected to do any work at all on the kids’ baby books which was my assigned project for the month of March.

I celebrated my birthday by: 1) going for “breakfast” with a friend and accidentally staying for 3 hours of catching up on adult conversation that was totally free of kid-interruptions and included a delicious eggs benny AND dessert, and 2) getting my hair cut for the first time in 1 year and highlights for the first time in 7 years. That’s the part where some self-care energized me so that I would be able to energize our projects.

Except I also got the worst flu I’ve had in years and took my first real sick day since my oldest child was born. He came from school and found me in bed. Ordered me to get up and when I wouldn’t, he cried and asked, “who is going to take care of me?’ Hmm. Good question.

So much more to do before June 1. Stay tuned to my PEP (Project Energize Progress) talks to see how we fare over the next two months. And maybe say a little prayer that Silas will start sleeping for 3 hour stretches in the near future. That would be awesome.

How about you? Did you undertake any projects in the last couple of months? When’s the last time you energized yourself?

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