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Yesterday, I looked back. Today, I’m looking ahead.

And there are big. HUGE. things staring back at me.

In addition to the revelation of my word for the year, I guess I have an announcement to make: I’m excited and terrified to announce that Aaron and I have made arrangements to move back into our bus, Eliza Brownhome, this coming summer. We converted and lived in her in the middle of Vancouver for 5 years, part of the time with a baby and a black lab. She’s pretty comfortable and we’re intimately acquainted with life in a small space like that. However, we’ve never done it with 3 very loud kids before. With these kids in the middle of a rainy Wet Coast winter, I often feel that our 1900 square foot rental is too small so I’m really not sure what it will feel like to squish everyone back into Eliza. On that front, I’m feeling some, um, trepidation.

However, I’m so excited about how this fits in with our bigger dreams to eventually live rurally, build a house, garden, support local agriculture, create community, reconnect with my sister’s family and centralize home life – that is to say, live, work, learn and play all on the same site. I realize that I haven’t publicly described this vision before so some of this may seem fuzzy to you…but suffice to say, that moving back into Eliza for the summer is the first tangible step in the direction of making our dreams a reality.

The initial plan is to do this for the summer and reassess in the fall. The hope is that some of the considerable money we pay in rent will be freed up for investing in our dreams.

It will be fun, and exciting, but we’re also facing a lot of hard work to make this happen which brings me to my word for 2012: ENERGIZE.


verb /en&#601r j&#299z/

  1. Give vitality and enthusiasm to
  2. Supply energy, typically kinetic or electrical energy, to (something)

This word came to me late at night on New Year’s Eve, as I lay in bed tossing ideas around. I had considered DO, ACT, ACTION, COMMIT but they all seemed a little heavy, a little bossy. You see, I was looking for a word that would mean just do it, don’t be afraid, quit procrastinating, you can do it, you have it in you, go for it. Even without this bus plan, I have a handful of projects that have been hanging over my head for quite some time:

  • finish the kid’s baby books
  • deal with the clutter spots (closet floor, top of dressers, junk drawers)
  • clean up computer (sort 5 years of digital photos, clear out inbox, purge favourites/bookmarks)
  • back up computer
  • make slideshow/video for Silas’ first birthday
  • finish making a useful household notebook
  • organize all the loose paper recipes laying around

And now, on top of those, I have to sort, store and declutter so that we can fit the five of us in 500 square feet. These projects will be very freeing, but they take time and require action and commitment. They can be boring, easy to start dreading and easy to put off. My plan is to assign one project to each month and do it, no more excuses.

I like the word energize because:

  1. It’s a verb so it suggests action.
  2. It reminds me to be enthusiastic about my projects.
  3. It encourages me to put in the energy, not to procrastinate.
  4. I love the bit about vitality and enthusiasm – it means that with our energy we can bring life to our dreams.
  5. There is room for me to prioritize self-care so that I feel energized too.

The flip side of our plan to live in the bus again this summer is that we’ve also agreed to help a local farming family with some of their projects, to help make their dreams more attainable and I look forward to bringing our energy, vitality and enthusiasm to their farm.

It’s going to be big year. I can’t wait.

Do you have a word of the year? I would love to hear what it is. Link up if you posted about it. And just because I’m curious, how many of you have some of the same projects hanging over your heads??



  1. That IS big news – and I’m so excited for you! I love that you and Aaron have a shared vision, and you’re working to realize it.
    Amber´s last post ..Vitamins, Minerals and Cartoon Characters, Oh My!
    Twitter: AmberStrocel

    • Thank you. We are pretty stoked. And nervous.

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