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{Last month I put out the call for SHORT birth stories. I wanted to see what would happen if we were restricted to tell our stories in fewer words. What would stand out? What would we decide absolutely had to be told? How would we get creative? So here are the submissions, in 100 words or less}.


Water broken, contractions slow. All day walking walking walking the house. Beer, nap, lovely. Sun sets. Now so fast! Pounding the bathroom wall. Doula’s eyeballs, “haaaaaaa, haaaaaaaa, haaaaaaa”. Even transition won’t keep me from clicking “next” when Christmas music comes on the IPod shuffle. Friend’s restaurant caters. Team takes turns eating in the kitchen while I privately push. Baby comes down down down, then wriggles into the water. Papa lifts her up. After all this waiting, 286 days, she is here, on my chest, one eye swollen, red heart between her brows. He whispers, “She’s a girl”. My girl.

baby belly button

– Emma Summer, Your Fonder Heart


Done in 90 minutes! (And 100 Words or Less)

Contractions on Halloween

Trick… or Treat?


Two days later… false alarm?

It’s time!

ER : “Pregnant lady in distress”

Orderly: “Can’t find the only working elevator”

Crawling zigzags throughout a darkened lobby

Maternity nurse: “Too soon – let’s monitor”


“Need to push”

“Can’t be! Let’s start an I.V”


Three primal screams, the busy room paused

Daddy: “There’s a HEAD in that water!”

One more push…

Caul birth.

Snip. Whoosh!

Baby on tummy

“Don’t cut that cord!!!”

Anxious doctor: “Can I cut now?!”

“Wait! OK… now”

Nursing newborn

Uneasy staff

“It didn’t cry!”

“Is it OK?”




– Alicia C., McCrenshaw’s Newest Thoughts

**Note: Alicia submitted the cutest picture to go with this story but as of 11:00pm PST, wordpress will NOT let me post it without automatically mucking up all the code for this post. Argh. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add it tomorrow.



With my second child, I was determined to have a natural birth after having an epidural and induced labour with my first child. I read 7 books and many, many natural birth stories online over the 9 months that I was pregnant with her. My labour pains began at 1:10 am and I was excited. I told myself to relax my cervix and pictured her sliding down. My mantra: Woman have been doing this since the beginning of time, you can do it! She was born naturally at 3:30 am that same morning and I was home by 6 am.

– Tanya,


{Finally, my birth stories, dutifully shortened, perhaps the only way they will ever get written.}


A few days past my due date with my first baby. Contractions start at bedtime, hours after a stretch and sweep. I labour through the night, in and out of the shower, as our midwife sleeps on the couch. Early morning, she suggests breaking the waters. Soon after, I am Pushing. Ring of Fire. You are born at sunrise. Our eyes are locked in yours – minutes pass before we check to see that you are a boy. Then, retained placenta. I still remember the golden autumn sun reflected on the lake as I stepped out to the ambulance.



We spent all that day packing to move. Every minute of the next three days is planned out. At 4:30, my water breaks. Three weeks early. Change of plans. Scrambling with my sister to finish cleaning her guest room. Send the kids to the park. Wash the towels. Fill the birth pool. Friends pop in to say hello. Midwives arrive. An hour later in the summer evening sun I am pushing out a baby girl on the bed, just as the pool is finally full. Too early. Too late. House full of kids & neighbours – it’s the perfect birthday party.



Turn off the light, tired. Contraction. Call the midwives. Call Kate. Wake the little ones. Pacing round the house. Child’s pose. Into the lukewarm pool. Relief. Pots boiling on the stove. Kids eating all my popsicles. Midwives’ gear everywhere. Laughing. Refusing to get out of the pool. Breaking the bulging bag of waters with my fingernail. Moments later, pushing, roaring, baby is here. Scooping him up I feel a scrotum and know he’s a boy but wait for Big Brother to announce, “It’s a boy! I got what I asked for!” Complete.


Thank you to Emma, Alicia and Tanya for submitting stories.

It’s not too late to join in: post a short story on your blog and link up in the comments!


  1. This was such a great challenge! My birth stories are beyond verbose, so paring the experiences down to just those crucial elements was a great exercise, and surprisingly emotional, too. Thank you so much for doing this! My stories are here.
    darlene´s last post ..100 word birth stories

    • Thanks for linking up. I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge.

  2. Thanks for including my story. This was a great challenge for me – I write very long posts! I love reading everyone else’s stories, too!
    Alicia C.´s last post ..Tuesday’s #Giveaway Linkup is Live!
    Twitter: amccrenshaw

  3. Thank you for posting my story. I have enjoyed reading everone elses stories as well – they are all so different and wonderful.

    • Thank you for participating. I loved reading all of them too.

  4. Interesting stories. I wonder what it would be like to have a short birth…or for that matter, to give birth. My first labor was four days long and ended in a c-section. Subsequently I learned that my hips are mildly deformed and that I would never be able to deliver naturally.

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