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I have to preface this by saying that I do not represent Usborne and I did not receive free product or compensation in return for this review.

If you’re looking for a last minute stocking stuffer for the 5 year old in your life, I highly recommend Usborne’s 100 Things for Little Children to do on a Journey. My son received this as an early Christmas gift from his grandparents and we love it!

This little gem consists of 50 double-sided activity cards and a pen. The cards are laminated so the marker wipes off and the activities can be done over and over again (move over colouring/activity books!). When the pen runs out, any old dry erase pen works just as good and the cards are easily wiped clean with a tissue or paper towel.

There are a whole series of these activity cards and I’m sure the other sets are just as fun. Some of the other sets are more clearly geared towards travel, with activities like spotting things out the window, or older kids like the brain teaser set. Though this particular set is supposed to be things to do on a journey, there’s nothing about it that makes it only a travel game. In fact, we haven’t been on a journey yet and our cards are getting heavy use at home every afternoon. This lovely portable little box has also been brought along every time we’ve eaten out at a restaurant since we received them.

The cards themselves have a range of activities with everything from drawing prompts (similar to the Taro Gomi colouring/drawing books which we also love, by the way) to simple crossword puzzles. Because Rain is pre-literate right now that means the cards will have longevity. It should be quite a while before the cards are too simple for him. Other activities include mazes, spotting the errors in a picture, connect-the-dots and more.

Even our 2 year old loves them. We call them black out cards because she loves to colour every item on the card until it’s completely blacked out and then wipe the card clean and start again. She will do this for sometimes half an hour at a time!

I’ve seen these cards for between $10 and $12 CAD everywhere from to Costco to our local toy store. They shouldn’t be hard to find near you.

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