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The things I learned in October:

  1. Despite my best intentions, I can’t seem to get my butt in gear to blog as often as I’d like while also juggling a 2 year old, homeschooling a 5 year old, doing the books for our family business, re-designing the website for the family business and being pregnant.
  2. I don’t manage to stay nice Mommy when 2 year old has a melt down and doesn’t want to wear the costume that I fretted over for weeks and finally pulled together the week of Halloween. Challenge for future learning posts: Learn how to keep my own stress from infiltrating the holidays for the whole family.

    Trying to convince a sad angel that costumes and trick-or-treating are a good time.

  3. I really love making our own pickles. We made our first batch in August (dill pickles) and finally got to test them this month. So yummy. We also did beet pickles and pickled carrots over the weekend, bringing the total count to 19 quarts of dills (cukes), 12 quarts of pickled beets and 11 pints of pickled carrots. We also just got a canner as a gift from my in-laws and look forward to doing jams, sauces (apple, tomato, pear) and fruits & veggies (peaches, pears, tomatoes). Aaron and I have gotten into this as a joint hobby and find that it’s a nice way to spend some time together despite that it means that the kids either watch too many movies or rip the house apart jumping on every surface and spreading bedding and pillows far and wide. We drown our sorrows while cleaning the mess by eating pickles. I should mention that this is a surprise because I hated canning as a kid, partly because it was forced labour and partly because my mom would get really stressed out (file this under legitimate reasons for #2 above).

  4. Pregnancy related nausea likes to stay longer and longer with each of my pregnancies – another reason why this will be our last baby! With Rain I was feeling better by 12 weeks, with Noa it was somewhere between 14 and 16 weeks. This time, while I’m definitely over the all day sickness and exhaustion of the first trimester, nausea in the morning is still persisting at 24 weeks. Bummer! I may also have to accept that pregnancy seems to be increasing my allergies too as I sneeze my head off every day this fall (never having suffered from fall allergies before).
  5. Anticipating the births of friends’ babies and seeing the newborn photos afterward works very well as means to get me excited about our own little surprise baby—until the middle of the night when I can still be struck with intense panic at the thought of grocery shopping or bedtime with three kids.

What I Learned This Month posts are inspired by Amber of View this month’s link-up on her site to see what she and her participants learned in October 2010.

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  1. Yay for linking up!

    I hear you on #2 – I often ruin a perfectly good holiday because of my own stress. I need to learn how to handle this better, for sure.

    And I was sick my whole first pregnancy. Until I was in labour. No fun, for sure. In fact, the nausea is one of my biggest reasons for not having another baby. Being sick all the time stinks! Although, really, in the long run it is a blip on the radar screen of parenting.
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..What I Learned in October 2010 =-.
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