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What I learned in May 2010:

  1. If either of my children intends to pursue dance in the long term I have to be prepared for a ridiculous schedule of rehearsals at recital time. Rain has to be at dance 11 times over the course of two weeks, which involves hauling a squirming toddler inside and trying to corral her while wrestling Rain into dance shoes and ushering him into class in a sea of parents and preschoolers in a room the size of a closet. Run I mean, fun!
  2. Making butter from raw cream straight from the farm is not as straightforward as using store bought whipping cream, but tasty nonetheless and Rain loves kneading bread.

  3. I love working at the midwifery clinic as office administrator and when I put my mind to it, I CAN write a bio.
  4. I love Sir Ken Robinson, love his TED talks and I am currently loving his new book, The Element.
  5. I would sew a lot more if I could leave my sewing machine set up permanently. I can get a lot of sewing done while my daughter naps and having all the pieces cut and ready to go ahead of time makes sewing much more enjoyable.
  6. The weather in May is much more unpredictable than I would have predicted. Hello summer? Where are you?
  7. The steps to being awesome are easy to come up with but following them is not.
  8. Burt’s Bees avocado butter pre-shampoo hair treatment makes my hair happy.
  9. Rain is a comedian, an artist and has a flair for showmanship:

Rain came out of the bathroom calling “Mom, you have to come see the treat I made you!!”

I replied, “Promise me it’s not poop.”

He said, “I promise.”

As I entered the bathroom, he pulled a towel off the towel bar with much fanfare to reveal his masterpiece: a drawing of himself picking his nose!

I can assure you that I was NOT able to keep a straight face as I explained that we do not write on the walls of our rental house.


  1. That picture is AWESOME. Although I can understand why it’s not advisable.

    And I did a lot more sewing when I had a permanent sewing space. Setting up the machine and cutting mat every time is a pain in the butt.
    .-= AmberĀ“s last blog ..Yoga Class =-.
    Twitter: AmberStrocel

  2. As a rather recently retired dancer and dance teacher, I can assure you that yes, dancing can definitely be a time devourer, but I’m certain you are already aware of how wonderful it is to see children dancing! Also, the time commitment really does vary from school to school, and particularly from style to style of dance. When I was in ballet the time commitment and stress level were different (a little higher, to be honest) from the 12 years I spent in highland dancing. If Rain wants to dance long-term, you may decide to shop around for the school and dance style that are the right time and personality fit for your family.

    What kind of dancing is Rain doing? And will you be posting pictures of him all decked out (I’m a real sucker for kids who dance)? šŸ™‚
    .-= darleneĀ“s last blog ..2 =-.

    • We’ll have to see how it goes. I can’t decide whether or not it’s Rain’s thing. He likes it but he also seems not to.
      Opening Night was last night. His group got thunderous applause largely because Rain, front and centre of the group of 7, stopped midway through the dance to pick the tape marking his spot off the floor. He dances again tomorrow night and then we’re off for summer vacation. He might try a 6 class summer ballet school though as he reminds me that he wanted to do ballet and I put him in FunDance (intro to all styles) instead.

  3. OMG! That picture is priceless šŸ™‚ My older daughter understands that we just draw on paper…I suspect my younger daughter will not be so easily taught this. She is a TROUBLEMAKER!!
    .-= CarrieĀ“s last blog ..(More Wordful than) Wordless Wednesday: What are they thinking??!! part deux =-.
    Twitter: Miss_Scarlett99

  4. I love the picture (Mr Clean magic erasers work wonders on rental apartment walls).
    And yes, it’s much less stressful to have a workspace where work can be left in situ ready to pick up at a moments notice.
    .-= pomomamaĀ“s last blog ..wordless wednesday: Fab Fair weekend, bags and bling oh my! =-.

  5. I totally just had a good laugh at that picture. We’re trying to sell our house and I am having to constantly remind the kids not to draw on the wall.
    .-= MelodieĀ“s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding at the Computer =-.
    Twitter: bfmom

    • He’s known that for a long time – I don’t think he’s drawn on the wall for 10 months or more. I guess that was part of the surprise. šŸ™‚

  6. Ah, hahaha!

    Rain is great! The drawing is in such a perfect place. Bathroom art.

    Any chance he’s related to Parker?! And Taylour?!
    Do you remember what Parker drew when he was four?

    Hallowe’en night we came home exhausted at 9 pm and went straight to bed. Apparently, Parker wasn’t tired. In the morning he proudly showed me the mural he drew on the wall – our whole family, upside down with our hair hanging down. I picked up the crayons and pencils and patiently explained how much I loved his drawing but it needs to be on paper, not walls. Parker was intently studying his drawing.

    While I was explaining the part about NOT drawing on walls, he grabbed the pencil out of my hand and added an arm he had missed.

    And T – on her first day at kindergarten, she drew a rear view of herself.

    A stick person.

    With her butt cheeks hanging out of a too-short skirt.

    What was she thinking?!!
    Twitter: melaniemcintosh

    • I hope you saved that drawing for future embarrassment purposes.

  7. Very funny. I picture him pulling the towel for the big reveal. He seems like an artist in the making.
    .-= LisaĀ“s last blog ..What I Learned in May 2010 =-.
    Twitter: Litza2005

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