The Bee Movie

Posted on Feb 27, 2009 in Featured, Parenting | 1 comment

Sometimes I use really big words when I talk to my three year old. Sometimes I can be a little long-winded for a preschooler.

The Bee Movie made a huge impression on Rain. He thinks his striped pj’s are a pollen jock suit. One of the villians is Ken, Vanessa’s boyfriend and Barry the Bee’s rival. He is one angry fella and there’s a scene where he tries to flush Barry down the toilet. Rain was terrorized by this, screaming, shaking, crying. Yikes. After that, whenever we watched the movie, we had to skip every single scene with Ken, even the tamer ones.

My mom explained to Rain that the reason Ken didn’t like bees was because he was allergic. This was true and I told her “that would have be a lot easier than what I told Rain.”

Mom: Why? What did you tell him?

Me: Uh. I said that Ken was really selfish and all he ever did was think about himself and as a result he had no friends and that made him very lonely and angry.

Too much?

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  1. I would explain it just like you did I sometimes forget I am talking to little people. But the plus side of it our kids are going to have a great sense of right and wrong and the way our world works

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